Relationships matter,
more than the brush or ladder

  • Paul Daniel

    “It was much easier to start the project after seeing the colors we chose on an actual home. Our home looks great it looks new!”

  • Susan Radford

    “I was confident and comfortable with Freeland team in my home even when I wasn’t home. Everyone loves the new colors. They did a fabulous job.”

  • Myles F.

    “When my home got damaged in the storm, Freeland worked fast to secure my home until they were able to fix the siding and roof.”

  • “My company owns a portfolio of rental properties in the Atlanta area. We rely on Freeland Painting to keep the interiors and exteriors of our different assets looking clean and fresh. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with painting, roofing, or siding.”
    McKenzie J. | Duluth, GA
  • “I recently found a great deal on a new home in Alpharetta, but the bad thing was the color scheme on the inside. The experts at Freeland helped me select a complimentary color scheme and even went the extra mile to put finishing touches in place for me. They do great business, and it shows!”

    Norwood D. | Atlanta, GA
  • “After having new siding installed, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Freeland Painting took the extra time to power wash my driveway after they completed the job! Now my home – and my driveway – look fabulous! Every business should be more like them!”

    Reynold E. | Buford, GA
  • “My husband and I needed to paint our house, but we’re not as young as we used to be. We called the folks at Freeland Painting to give us a hand. All of their employees were friendly, professional, and took the time to make sure our house looked great when they finished up. Thanks for your services!”

    Christine M. | Buford, GA
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