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“Our Story”

Atlanta Painting Contractor - Welcome To Freeland Painting

Freeland Painting is a local, family-owned business in Suwanee providing professional painting services to the Atlanta area. We have upheld our strong commitment to exceeding customer expectations for nearly two decades. We transform the ordinary into extraordinary with exceptional services that add value, safety, and visual appeal to your property.

Doug and Keri Ireland started Freeland Painting because they believed the painting services industry needed a company that pays attention to the fundamentals, delivers on the details, and builds long-term, enjoyable relationships.

At Freeland Painting, relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder. Our goal is to provide our residential, HOA, multifamily, commercial, GC, and light industrial clients with exceptional services that transform their properties.

It’s simple: We show up on time, and we do what we say we’re going to do. That’s our commitment to you. Are you ready to experience the Freeland Painting difference?

Our Happiness Guarantee

At Freeland Painting, we’re in the business of making happy customers. Because happy customers are lifelong customers. For us, relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.

We guarantee that you will be happy with our high-quality professional painting services to beautify your home, multifamily property, HOA community, commercial property, or business. And if you’re not, we’ll do what it takes to make things right.

You can hire an Atlanta painting contractor with confidence: We get the job done right. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

That’s our promise: Happiness. Guaranteed.

Atlanta Professional Painters - Our Mission

At Freeland Painting, details make the difference. Providing painting services for your home or business isn’t just a job to us. We focus on a higher purpose: Removing a potentially dangerous and time-consuming burden from our customers to make their lives easier and better.

We are committed to improving the lives of our customers, beautifying local communities, and building relationships that last a lifetime.

Our promise to every customer: You’ll get a great result!

Community-Minded Painting Services

In addition to beautifying local Atlanta-area communities, Freeland Painting also focuses on charitable giving. We are involved with organizations that enhance our local community. These include The Atlanta Women’s Foundation, Hillside Children’s Home, Boy Scouts of America, and the Aurora Theatre. ­­

When you choose an interior and exterior painter around Atlanta, we hope you’ll choose Freeland Painting. We’re a local, family-owned painting business that provides superior work, focuses on customer satisfaction, cares about customers, and gives back to the local communities where we all live!

Professional Painting Services for Atlanta and Beyond

At Freeland Painting, relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder. Our experienced painters deliver superior residential painting services and commercial painting services.

And we never do “drive-by” estimates! We meet in person with each customer. We ask the right questions to gain a complete understanding of your project’s scope and desired outcome.

Whether we provide residential painting services or commercial painting services, Freeland Painting’s professional painting services for the Atlanta area assure that our products and services meet – or exceed! – your expectations on every painting services project we complete.

Exterior Painter - House Painting Services

Freeland Painting offers both exterior painting services and interior painting for the Atlanta area. A new coat of paint is one of the fastest ways to update your home — and we give you a free coat of confidence with every job.

As a professional painting services company, we have expertise in every type of residential painting: 

  • Interior House Painting
  • Interior Kitchen Painting
  • Interior Bathroom Painting
  • Interior Dining Room Painting
  • Interior Living Room Painting
  • Interior Family Room Painting
  • Interior Bedroom Painting
  • Interior Garage Painting
  • Exterior House Painting

Commercial Painting Services

Hundreds of businesses throughout the Metro Atlanta region trust Freeland Painting’s expert commercial painting services and industrial painting services for commercial, retail, doctor’s offices, banks, strip malls, office buildings, apartments, condos, townhomes, and other structures. We’ll even paint your business after hours so you can stay open.

Freeland Painting is your one-stop-shop for every service needed to update and refresh your space:

  • HOA Painting Services
  • Commercial Painting Services
  • Multifamily Painting Services
  • Apartment Painting Services
  • Retail / Office Painting Services
  • Roof Repair and Roof Replacement
  • Gentle Roof Washing
  • Window Replacement
  • Hardie Siding Replacement
  • Seamless Gutters and Gutter Guard Installation
  • Parking Lot Painting
  • EMS Curb Painting

Our Team

Whether we are coordinating on-site estimates, scheduling painting services jobs, or providing on-site supervision of professional crews, our team’s main goal is to make sure we have satisfied customers when the job is completed.

Each team member plays an integral role in ensuring that each customer enjoys a standout experience when they choose Freeland Painting. Our headquarters team includes:

Doug Ireland
Founder and President

Doug and his wife, Keri, started Freeland Painting because they believed the Greater Atlanta area needed a painting services company that pays attention to fundamentals, delivers on details, and builds long-term, enjoyable relationships. With more than 25 years in the painting and construction industry, Doug is uniquely qualified to lead Freeland Painting. He has created a team of people who hold themselves accountable for meeting and exceeding their job responsibilities. The result of that accountability and responsibility is a high level of job satisfaction. Doug thinks outside the box, but encourages us to paint inside the lines.

Amy Stanitzke
Relationship Liaison

A self-described “people person,” Amy Stanitzke specializes in a collaborative approach as she develops and maintains strong client and customer relationships for Freeland Painting. She also serves as both a resource and connector for people both in and outside of the industry — including property managers, property management companies, general contractors, and project managers in a wide variety of settings. To Amy, and to every team member, relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.

Bryan Smith
Director of Construction

With decades of construction industry experience, Bryan Smith is responsible for Freeland Painting’s day-to-day operations, job coordination, and project oversight. He works closely with clients to ensure we’re providing them with the services that they both want and need. He collaborates with large commercial clients, vendors, and subcontractors to make sure everyone is communicating and executing to the highest standard. His overall goal is to keep our customers happy! Brian helps ensure that all of our customers get a free coat of confidence with every job!

Amanda Fulks
Operations Manager

Amanda Fulks is our go-to teammate for operational excellence. With responsibilities in all of the business systems and processes that keep Freeland Painting running smoothly, Amanda troubleshoots and problem-solves in areas that include training, financials, performance, human resources, documentation, sales support, task delegation, and communication.  Amanda is a wealth of knowledge about all of Freeland Painting’s services and will provide you with the information you seek with her upbeat, can-do attitude. Amanda personifies the idea that our Freeland Finishing Touch makes the difference.

Jack Kain
Project Coordinator

Jack is in constant pursuit of client satisfaction, which he achieves by closely monitoring both products and projects. He creates and manages cooperative project environments between staff, crews, and clients. Jack helps manage smooth workflow by making sure all of the people, paint, materials, and proper direction are in place to keep Freeland Painting’s many projects moving forward on-time and on budget. In short, he brushes up on the details every day!


Q1: How much does it cost to hire someone to paint your house?

The exact cost will depend on the size of your house, its age and condition, any existing stains or damage that need to be addressed, and the type of paint you select. Freeland Painting prides itself on our estimation process, where we come to your house in-person to make sure your painting services job is accurately estimated. Call Freeland Painting today to schedule your free in-person estimate!

Q2: How much should I pay a painter per hour?

At Freeland Painting, we don’t charge by the hour. We paint by the job—not by the hour. That’s a benefit to you, our customer, because if it takes us longer than we estimated, you won’t pay extra. Our crew will proceed efficiently and professionally to make sure we succeed in satisfying your specific painting service needs.

Q3: How do you estimate a commercial painting project?

Our skilled project managers will precisely calculate the building’s exterior and interior dimensions with our Custom Estimator Software, a tool built by Freeland Painting, to determine the precise amount of paint necessary to get the job done right. Freeland Painting buys thousands of gallons a year, so we get favorable pricing and pass the savings on to you. And once we provide your commercial painting services estimate, we honor it. If we require more paint or more time to get the job done, that’s on us—not you!

Q4: What should I look for when hiring a painting contractor?

Your painting services contractor and crew will likely be in your home for several days. Find a contractor with positive reviews and a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and treating customers with respect. Always get three written estimates before hiring a painting contractor. Google the contractor and research both their personal and company social media presence. You will discover a lot about the painting contractor’s character online. Never hire a painting contractor who does not have the proper insurance or requires a deposit. Don’t pay any contractor until the work is fully completed. Also, it’s a best practice to ask for a lien waiver at the end of the job when you provide payment.

Q5: Is Freeland Painting licensed and insured?

Yes, we are. Freeland Painting is licensed, bonded, and insured to complete the work on your residence or commercial property. We hold general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance policies to ensure both your property and our crew are protected while we’re working to beautify your home or business.

Q6: Can I live in my house while it is being painted?

Yes. At Freeland Painting, working with you and your family to coordinate a smooth interior painting services schedule is a top priority. We communicate closely with each homeowner to establish a mutually agreeable workflow. Many times, this means that we paint living areas while you are away at work to minimize disruption for you and your family. We have experience with flexible schedules: We also coordinate with business owners to paint their business after hours so they can stay open.

Q7: How long should I expect the paint job to last?

The length of time it takes to complete your house painting services job will depend on the size of your home, its age and condition, any existing stains or damage that must be addressed, the type of paint you select, and—if it’s an exterior painting services job—the weather. Depending on the size of the job, a general estimate would be that most full interior painting services take about 6 days, while full exterior painting services take about 4 days.

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