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Drywall Painting Services

If you’ve built a new home, renovated, added a room, or plan to finish previously unfinished spaces such as a basement or garage, Freeland Painting’s drywall painting service will give you a beautiful, finished space.

Drywall panels—sometimes called gypsum board, sheetrock or plasterboard—are the flat manufactured construction materials that give your home’s walls and ceiling their structure. If you’ve ever accidentally punched a hole in drywall with a doorknob or a dog chewed your drywall, you know that the panels can be damaged and may require drywall repair services.

At Freeland Painting, we’ve worked to keep the Metro Atlanta region’s houses well-maintained for two decades. If your home has new drywall that needs our drywall painting service or damage that requires drywall repair service before painting, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll be amazed how our drywall painting service will transform your house from a construction zone into your forever home.

Drywall Painting Process

If you are moving into a new home filled with drywall, you can breathe new life to your home with stylish interior house paint colors in shades that you love. In private rooms, such as your primary bedroom and guest rooms, you might opt for a relaxing, calm palette with subdued hues. In areas such as your family room, kitchen or living room, you might choose brighter, more energetic colors that make you happy.

With our drywall painting service, the team at Freeland Painting will prepare your surface thoroughly to remove dust and debris from the drywall. If there are cracks, holes or dents in the drywall, our drywall repair service will ensure that your walls are smooth and even.

Once the drywall surface is clean and prepared, we’ll apply a coat of primer to the drywall to ensure the paint will adhere correctly. Finally, we’ll paint your drywall with two coats of the paint you choose to beautify and customize your home.

Request Your Free Drywall Painting Cost Estimate

Whatever drywall painting options you choose, Freeland Painting will make them a reality. We advise our customers to get three estimates for their painting project. Freeland Painting’s estimate typically lands in the middle of the three—but our high-quality service and Freeland Fundamentals provide extras that make us the best choice.

At Freeland Painting, we offer free, in-person drywall painting cost estimates. We don’t do “drive-by estimates.” Our trustworthy, experienced project estimators will come to your home and measure the space you’d like to have painted. We’ll then provide you with an estimate so we can get your project started quickly and easily.

Drywall Paint Design Ideas

What are some cool drywall painting ideas and interior house paint colors?

Whether you prefer a relaxing green-gray such as Quietude, an inviting blue such as Celestial, or want to paint your ceiling Exuberant Pink, it’s fun to look at online interior color inspiration galleries by Sherwin Williams or HGTV. There, you can see various drywall paint colors and drywall painting ideas for interiors to decide what you like for your own space.

A modern paint treatment or a single color sensation are eye-catching ideas that will add personality and charm to your space.

In general, light paint colors make a space seem larger, while dark paint colors make a space feel more cozy. If your home’s interior is small, light colors will help maximize your space. For larger home interiors, darker colors will make the space feel more personable and inviting.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Painter For Drywall

Hiring a professional painter for your drywall has many benefits. Our experienced, skilled painters offer years of experience to help you finalize your drywall paint color choice, select the ideal paint sheen for various rooms, and suggest design ideas for interior walls, ceilings, doors, and trim.

When you hire Freeland Painting to paint your drywall, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Professional Set-up:We’ll cover your furniture and floors with fresh, new plastic sheeting to protect your interior surfaces during the job.
  2. Professional Paint Prep:We’ll wipe the drywall, trim, doors, and other surfaces before painting to ensure the paint will adhere well. We also spackle cracks or nail holes in your drywall and address stains before painting to ensure a smooth, professional finish.
  3. Professional Painting:Our skilled professional interior house painters will paint your drywall with a coat of primer plus two coats of high-quality paint in the color you’ve selected.
  4. Freeland Finishing Touch:One of our company core values is to leave every job better than we found it. That means we are respectful of you and your property, taking precautions to ensure the job is done neatly and to the highest standards. We’ll clean up after we paint your drywall to leave it fresh and renewed for your enjoyment.
  5. Customer Satisfaction:Before we consider a job to be finished, our top priority is to make sure you’re satisfied with the result. Our onsite project superintendent or project manager will walk through your newly painted space to ensure you’re pleased and ask for your feedback on our drywall painting service.

Why Freeland Painting

Why should you choose Freeland Painting? Because to us, relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder. We are committed to improving the lives of our customers, beautifying local neighborhoods and communities, and building relationships that last a lifetime.

At Freeland Painting, painting your drywall isn’t just a job. We focus on a higher purpose: Removing a burden from our customers to make their lives easier and better.

Our drywall painting service will beautify your space and enhance your everyday life with a fresh, new color. If past customer satisfaction ratings are a good indication, you’ll enjoy a positive experience and get a great result!


The exact cost will depend on the size of your home, the age and condition of the drywall, the number of surfaces you want painted, any existing drywall damage that must be addressed, and the type of paint you select. Freeland Painting prides itself on our estimation process where we come to your house in-person to make sure your drywall paint job is accurately estimated. Call Freeland Painting today to schedule your free in-person estimate!

In most cases, an entire house interior painting can be completed in four to six days. However, it depends on the size of your house, the age and condition of the drywall, and the specific surfaces you want painted. Call Freeland Painting to learn how we’ll schedule your specific paint job.

At Freeland Painting, we don’t charge by the hour. We paint by the job—not by the hour. That’s a benefit to you, the customer, because if it takes us longer than we estimated, you won’t pay extra. Our crew will proceed efficiently and professionally to make sure we succeed in satisfying your specific drywall painting needs.

The first coat on drywall must always be primer, which prepares the drywall surface to accept paint. We recommend latex paint for most interior painting in your home. Our expert painters are happy to explain the benefits of different paint sheens for various rooms of your home during your free in-person painting estimate.

You don’t need any—we buy the paint! Freeland Painting buys thousands of gallons a year, so we get favorable pricing and pass the savings on to you. Our skilled project managers will calculate the wall and ceiling dimensions of your home’s interior to determine the precise amount of paint necessary to get the job done right.

The experienced painters at Freeland Painting offer a color consultation to help you decide on your ideal color scheme and suggest colors that are currently trending which you may not yet have considered. You can also consult interior house color inspiration galleries by Sherwin Williams or HGTV.

We’ll apply both primer and latex paint to your drywall. Latex paint is water-based and dries quickly. Your paint will be dry to the touch after an hour or so. However, paint is vulnerable to damage from wiping or washing until the paint “cures” or fully adheres to the surface. We recommend allowing latex paint to dry for two weeks before you wash or wipe the surface.



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