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Freeland Painting?

Why Freeland?

At every team meeting, we ask our team members, “Why Freeland?”

For us, the answer is, “We’re a great painting company with the highest-quality products and most professional painters.” But guess what: Every painting company says that.

To differentiate ourselves and create purpose, we focus on our WHY: Freeland Painting is committed to removing a burden from customers that would otherwise be too dangerous or time-consuming. We do so by providing the highest-quality painting service for their homes and businesses.

That’s right: Our team focuses on the inspiring purpose of improving people’s lives, beautifying our community, enhancing property value, and removing that burden from our customers to make their lives easier and better.

The company’s motto, “Relationships matter more than the brush and the ladder,” shines through in its commitment to employees, subcontractors, and the community.

“At Freeland Painting, we want our work and our relationship with each customer to be a memorable experience, so that when we finish the job, customers say, ‘Wow! No one else has treated us that well!’ That’s important to me, personally, and to us as a team. Each time we achieve that, we’ve hit a homerun!” said Doug Ireland.



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