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How Customer Service And Competitive Pricing Set Us Apart

At Freeland Painting, we believe customer service and competitive pricing set us apart. That’s why our motto is, “Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.”

Doug Ireland, the owner of Freeland Painting, is passionate about his company and his customers—and it shows: “One of the things I love the most about this work is taking something that looks old and dingy and making it look brand-new again. Every day, we get to help people with that: Beautifying their homes or businesses.”

Customer Service

“At Freeland Painting, customer service ranks above everything else. To me, being committed to customer service has to do with excellent follow-through. I won’t accept payment for a job until we’ve 100% completed the work at the end of the job—and until our customer is happy. If they’re not for some small reason, we will keep coming back—until we get it right. By doing so, I believe that we serve our customers better than anyone or any other company.”

No Job is Too Big–or Too Small

“At Freeland Painting, no job is too big or too small. We have the ability to scale up or scale down depending on the needs of the client. Whether it be a two-person crew for a small home with one or two bedrooms and a bath or 25 painters for a commercial property.”

Getting Started

“We start each job by providing a price quote. Everyone’s looking for a price. While the main goal of the quoting process is to establish a price, for us at Freeland Painting, we have an additional goal: to meet our new customer. One of the policies I have is that we don’t do what I call a ‘drive-by estimate.’ We want to come over, meet with you, understand what’s important to you, help educate you on the process and in that way create a better experience.”

Competitive Pricing

“At Freeland Painting, we promise competitive pricing when you’re planning for a painting project, you should always get three quotes. We tell our clients that, too. And our pricing many, many times, tends to be right in the middle of those three quotes. However, we offer a few extra services that most other companies don’t include, which gives us the value that people are looking for.”

A Job Well Done

“Freeland Painting’s crews work around the schedule of the client and focus on time management. Once we start working at your home, it’s like a whirlwind. Things happen quickly. We try to make the process as efficient as possible for a job well done–and hopefully win a customer for life. That’s why at Freeland Painting, we say, Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.”

Customers For Life

“We want our work and our relationship with the customer to be a memorable experience for people, so that when we finish the job they say, “Wow! No one else has treated us that way!”

“That’s important to me, personally and for us as a team. If we can achieve that, we’ve really hit a homerun.”

Call us today on 678.679.3126 for a free quote on your upcoming business, residential or multifamily residence painting project. We look forward to meeting you and having you as a new—and eventually a lifelong!—customer.

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