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11 Fun Facts About Paint

At Freeland Painting, we know a thing or two about paint. And we enjoy sharing what we know with our customers.

We’ve shared our knowledge about how to properly prepare a surface for painting, choosing the right paint brush for your projectpainting walls like a pro, how to clean your paint brush, and even the best paint color for selling your home.

In addition, we’ve offered expertise on how to know when it’s time to repaint, the differences between oil and latex paints, and what you should know about volatile organic compounds present in paint.

As our customers know, the professionals at Freeland Painting like to brush up on the details. And we also like to have fun while we’re doing our jobs.

With that in mind, here are 11 fun facts about paint that you may not know, but may want to share:

  1. Cave paintings date back 100,000 years in South Africa and were done by Homo Neanderthalis. They made paint using pigment from red iron oxide and charcoal, then combined it with animal fat, water, saliva, or even urine to bind it together.
  2. Fast forward to Colonial America in the 1600s. Colonists who painted their houses in that era were considered to be vain and immodest for such a display of wealth!
  3. Paint didn’t come in a can until Sherwin Williams introduced the first “ready-to-use” paints in 1866. Before that, paint was mixed together as needed from a variety of materials, including olive oil, milk, lime, eggs, linseed oil, and earth pigments.
  4. Sherwin Williams developed the first tin paint can that could be resealed so leftover paint could be stored.
  5. Speaking of storage: Where you store cans of paint matters—because paint can freeze! To keep paint viable over the winter, store it in a temperature-controlled area rather than a storage shed. Latex paint, which is water-based, is the most susceptible to freezing. When paint freezes, it alters the consistency and typically makes the paint unusable.
  6. So what’s the perfect temperature for painting? 70 degrees Fahrenheit. At that ideal temperature, paint spreads most easily and will absorb faster than in colder or warmer temps.
  7. Ever wonder why the White House is white? Initially, it was coated with a lime-based whitewash to weather-proof it. (Limewash is still a popular exterior treatment for brick homes, and it’s one that Freeland Painting offers!) Now when paint crews repaint the White House, they need a whopping 570 gallons to coat the entire exterior and protect it from the elements.
  8. Another U.S. landmark, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, is painted a color called International Orange. There’s an urban myth that the bridge is constantly being repainted, and as soon as the crew completes the job, it’s time to start again. In reality, thanks to advances in corrosion-resistant paint, the bridge has been completely repainted only three times since 1937. However, often-used areas are touched up on a regular basis.
  9. Do you have a red front door? The significance of a red door varies with era and culture. In an early American tradition, a red door meant “Welcome” for weary travelers. In Scotland, when people pay off their home’s mortgage, they often paint their front door red to celebrate! In China, a red front door is considered good luck.
  10. Not all paint is created equal. When it comes to paint quality, you get what you pay for. Low-quality paint often peels or chips readily and doesn’t maintain a durable sheen. When you work with Freeland Painting, we will recommend high-quality paint chosen specifically for your paint surface that will beautify your home and withstand the elements.
  11. Are you thinking of painting a room a bright, sunny yellow? Be careful when you choose your paint color. Yellow paint typically dries a shade darker than it appears, so it’s wise to go with a lighter shade for your walls, ceiling, or door in that vibrant color.

Here’s a bonus fact: Though our name is Freeland Painting, we do much more than paint! Yes, we will beautify your home or business with an extraordinary paint job, but did you know we also install durable fiber cement siding, windows, guttersgutter guards, and will even put a new roof on your home?

Freeland Painting is the greater Atlanta metropolitan area’s go-to choice for beautifying your home, business, or multi-family residence.

When you’re ready to beautify your home or business with paint or one of our other services, call Freeland Painting at 678.679.3126 for a free, in-person estimate!

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