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7 Ways to Prevent Home Maintenance Emergencies (So You Can Relax and Enjoy Life)

Your home is your castle! Its four walls and roof protect you from rain, wind, hail, and extreme temperatures 365 days a year. But your house can’t do it alone: It needs proper maintenance to keep you safe and warm this winter and all year through.

Without regular maintenance, your home’s structural elements and foundation can suffer damage that is expensive to repair. As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Preventive home maintenance empowers you to enjoy your relaxing lifestyle more without the headache of wondering when you’ll face your next emergency.

So, what are the top maintenance priorities for homeowners? At Freeland Painting, we’ve helped residents of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area and all of North Georgia maintain their homes for more than two decades.

Here’s what we recommend to keep your castle in royal condition:

  1. Paint It. Protect your home inside and out with a quality paint job. Paint not only beautifies, but it also protects siding and trim from the elements. It helps prevent water from penetrating the wood, fascia, and other structural elements and causing rot.
  2. Pressure-Wash Siding. Annual pressure washing prevents harmful mold and mildew from invading siding, trim, and fascia, where they can cause rot and structural damage. If your siding is failing, you may want to consider the benefits of fiber cement siding.
  3. Repair or Replace the Roof. Make sure your home’s roof is in excellent condition with regular cleaning—but when its lifespan is over, replace it promptly.
  4. Roof Cleaning. We gently wash your roof shingles using a low-pressure wash setting and mild detergent—an essential step in home maintenance. Why? Because fungus, moss, lichens, mildew, mold, and insects can invade your roof, causing extensive damage. Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae common to Georgia, eats the limestone filler in roof shingles, preventing shingles from drying and drastically shortening your roof’s lifespan! Left untreated, mold can get into your home and cause health concerns.
  5. Gutters and Gutter Guards. Gutters guide rainwater safely away from your home’s foundation, protecting its structural integrity. When gutters clog, water can back up and seep into your home, causing rot, mold, and mildew—leading to health problems. Functioning gutters with guards to keep out debris are a homeowner’s best friend.
  6. Gutter Cleaning. Clogged gutters are a nuisance to your home and health! Clogged downspouts promote dangerous mold and mildew growth, which is costly to repair. If you notice leaking, overflowing, or saggy gutters, you’ve got a clog. And, it may be time for new gutters. Don’t risk climbing a ladder every few months when professionals can do the job safely and effectively.  
  7. Deck and Fence Staining. A fresh coat of stain protects your deck and fence against moisture, extending their useful life while beautifying your property.

Do you have questions about your home’s maintenance needs? Freeland Painting is happy to answer them.

We work hard to help homeowners like you maintain their homes and beautify the communities of North Georgia.

Call Freeland Painting for your free, in-person estimate on home maintenance and painting at 678.679.3126 today!

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