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Can I get my business painted after hours?

When customers walk into your place of business, you want their first impression to be positive. One of the most cost-effective ways to enhance first impressions is with a fresh coat of paint on your commercial building’s exterior and interior. However, shutting down your business for several days to get it painted can impact your bottom line. So, what’s a business owner to do?

Freeland Painting to the rescue: We’ll paint your business after regular operating hours so you can stay open.

Proven Experience

“Freeland Painting has proven experience with helping business owners get a high-quality paint job while keeping their doors open. In 2020, our skilled professionals painted seven different banks after hours,” said Doug Ireland, founder and CEO of Freeland Painting. “The banking industry is the most regulated industry in the country. To meet its strict requirements, we completed these paint jobs in the evenings between 5 pm and 12 midnight, and we worked closely with the customers to ensure their needs were met.”

Freeland’s After-Hours Service is an ideal option for any customer-facing industry—salons, dry cleaners, retail, healthcare, hospitality—that doesn’t want to disrupt operations with painters and contractors beautifying the building during its normal business hours.

Exceeding Expectations

At Freeland Painting, relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.

“On the strength of last year’s jobs painting banks after hours, we’re on track to paint more than 50 additional banks in 2021,” Ireland continued. “We’re pleased that our customers trust Freeland Painting to do the job right and to complete the work after hours so it won’t impact their profitability.”

Upgrading your place of business to keep it looking its best is an important consideration for business owners, and one you don’t want to delay. When customers see chipped paint or scuffed walls, they may take those cues as an indication that you’re not a detail-oriented business owner.

It’s the little details that customers appreciate. At Freeland Painting, we brush up on details every day. If your business needs a new roof, new or repaired siding, new gutters, or light carpentry work to enhance its appearance, Freeland Painting is the right contractor for your job.

Stop ProcrastiPainting!

Nothing enhances the first impression your business makes like a fresh coat of paint.

Stop ProcrastiPainting! Call us today at 678.679.3126 to discuss how we can transform your building’s interior and exterior with a bright new professional paint job.

Let’s get things rolling!

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