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Why Use Flat Paint on Your Walls – Why Not Satin or Eggshell?

Many consumers who are embarking on a painting project in their home or office get confronted with making a decision on what type of paint they should use for best results.

For most, personal preference plays a significant role when selecting the type of paint they want to apply to the interior of their home.

Satin Finish paint gets favored by consumers and designers who like the “gleanability” factor of the paint properties. Most paint manufacturers claim that some paints are easy to clean, but our experts have found this not to be the case with eggshell or satin paints. One thing to keep in mind is that Glossy finishes are more reflective than Flat or Matte finishes, so imperfections in the surfaces they are used to cover are more visible to the naked eye.

Flat and Matte finish paints are ideal for covering walls that have flaws or blemishes. Even larger imperfections, such as extensive scuffs and nail pops can get covered and camouflaged since Flat Paints are effective at absorbing light, in essence, “hiding” the bumps and lines that exist on every wall.

Another reason why consumers and designers often favor using Eggshell or Satin paint is that they’ve had a bad experience with the “chalky” look that low-quality flat paints have after a few years. To avoid this, the painting professionals at Freeland Painting recommend – and use – superior grades of flat paint. When working on an Interior project, we advocate the use of Harmony paint by SW. This particular brand of paint removes the illusion of chalkiness and provides a warmer appearance for a “cozier” atmosphere.

One of the biggest advantages of using a high-quality Flat Paint for your interior painting projects is easier touch-ups. If an area is damaged or scuffed, all it takes is applying a fresh coat to the damaged area to repair the paint. Eggshell and Satin Paints are quite the opposite. These types of paint can’t be touched up without leaving a clearly visible spot on the wall that degrades the overall appearance of the repaired wall.

Don’t underestimate just how influential interior paint plays in setting the tone and ambiance of your home or work environment! By selecting the right hue and finish at the onset of your project, you save money and time in the long run.

If you have an interior painting project in your future, give the experts at Freeland Painting a call at 678.679.3126 for a free consultation first to avoid issues later!

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