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7 Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Business

As a business owner, you never get a second chance to make a strong first impression on customers and clients. But how can you tell when it’s time to repaint your business or commercial building?

Start by looking at your building’s walls, exterior surfaces, and doors. How does the current paint job look? If you see any of the following 7 signs, it’s time to call Freeland Painting for a free estimate on painting your property:

1. Mold or Moisture Stains

If you have black, greenish, or grey spots on your interior or exterior walls—especially behind furniture, in corners, or shady areas—behold: You have mold! Sometimes moisture stains or surface mold can be removed with elbow grease or pressure washing, but stubborn stains can signify more significant damage. Consult a professional to determine if the wood, drywall, or stucco beneath the paint is damaged, as you may need to replace or repair it before repainting. Mold must be thoroughly eradicated before repainting any surface to ensure the health of employees and the structural integrity of your building.

2. Cracked, Chipped, or Peeling Paint

Paint is the first line of protection between your building’s exterior surfaces and the elements—and with Atlanta’s hot summer sun, intense thunderstorms, and cold winters, cracks or chips in the paint film is an early sign that you’re due for a paint job. Small cracks are an invitation for fungus, moisture, termites, and other pests. Paint that is already peeling away requires immediate action, or long-term damage could result from your wood or stucco being exposed to the weather.

3. Cracked or Peeling Caulk

Examine the areas around your windows and doors: Caulk is the hardworking hero that seals them properly, keeping air, water, and insect pests out. When caulk is cracked or peeling, it’s no longer performing its job. And that means moisture can get into your building and cause a range of problems. Sometimes you just need new caulk, but if you notice decaying caulk on top of other symptoms, it’s a confirmation that it’s time to repaint.

4. Fading Color 

Remember when you last had your building painted, how beautiful it was with its fresh, bright coat of paint? Since then, Mother Nature has been working hard to change that. Sun, wind, rain, sleet, hail, and snow all impact the level of protection that your paint job provides. When the color starts to fade, a paint film’s protection is no longer at its strongest. When you notice your once-vibrant paint color begin to dull, it’s a sure sign you’re ready for a fresh coat of paint.

5. Paint Blisters or Bubbles 

When paint bubbles and blisters, it’s no longer adhering to the surface well. That can be because the wrong type of paint was used, it was applied in the hot sun or high humidity, or moisture is trapped beneath it. No matter the cause of paint blisters, you’ll want to repaint the walls or exterior quickly to avoid damage to your building.

6. Accumulated Stains or Dirt

To enhance your business or commercial property’s curb appeal, it’s a best practice to have the exterior pressure washed once or twice per year to keep it looking fresh and clean. However, if stains and dirt linger on exterior walls after pressure washing, that’s a sign that the paint is no longer performing optimally.

7. Damaged wood or stucco

A high-quality paint job is your building’s first line of defense against Georgia’s harsh elements, but no paint job lasts forever. If you see signs including cracked stucco or rotting wood around door or window frames, your paint has failed. That means it’s time to repair these surfaces and then repaint them. Freeland Painting repairs damaged wood or cracked stucco before we paint. A fresh coat of paint will not only preserve and protect your business or commercial property: It will also beautify it!

Don’t be a ProcrastiPainter!

With the renewed economic activity we’re seeing in the Greater Atlanta area, now’s the time to repaint your Atlanta business to make a strong first impression on both old and new customers. And Freeland Painting will even paint your business after hours so you don’t have to close during normal business hours.

Call us today at 678.679.3126 for a free estimate on transforming your business or commercial building’s interior and exterior with a fresh, new professional paint job.

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