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Is It Time for New Gutters?

When your house or commercial building was built, the contractor most likely installed gutters around the perimeter of the roof. The reason builders install gutters is to catch rainwater runoff and guide it away from the structure’s foundation and landscaping. This prevents erosion and potential foundation damage that can happen when water collects around a home or commercial building’s base.

Ideally, your gutters will function well without getting clogged by leaves and other falling debris from the Greater Atlanta area’s gorgeous trees. In reality, that’s not always the case.

If gutters get clogged, what will happen?

Without any gutters―or with clogged gutters that don’t function correctly―your house could be in structural danger. When rainwater is allowed to collect and pool around a home’s foundation over time, it can seriously damage the foundation and cause structural damage. That’s why gutters are a big deal.

How can you tell when it’s time for new gutters?

  1. Clogged gutters. If your gutters get clogged often, you’ll need to get up on a ladder to clean out the rotting mess of leaves, sticks, and acorns. That can be a sign that it’s time for a new gutter system.
  2. Sagging gutters. If your gutters are sagging from the weight of too much water and debris, or water pours over the edge of the gutters when it rains—it’s time for new gutters.
  3. Leaking/rusty gutters. If your gutters are leaking at their seams or corners, or if you have rusty seams that look awful—it’s time for new gutters.
  4. Gutters pulling away from the home’s roofline. If your gutters are pulling away from the home’s roofline—it’s time for new gutters.

So, what’s the best type of gutter system that will withstand the Greater Atlanta area’s spring and summer rainstorms?

Freeland Painting has the answer!

Benefits of Seamless Custom Gutters from Freeland Painting

Freeland Painting builds and installs high-quality, seamless custom gutter systems that prevent many problems that traditional gutters can cause.

“We custom build 6-inch gutters in one continuous length with no seams on the straight stretches of your home’s roofline,” said Doug Ireland, founder and CEO of Freeland Painting. Seamless gutters provide a significant advantage because they have fewer failure points: Seams can leak, sag, and collect debris. Without seams, your gutter system will function much better.

“The only seams on Freeland Painting’s custom gutters are in any corners on the home—such as around a bay window—because when there’s a 45-degree corner in the gutter, there has to be a seam. Otherwise, they are completely seamless.”

In addition to providing high-quality seamless gutters, Freeland Painting uses a state-of-the-art mounting system to attach gutters securely to your house.

“Instead of nails, we use hidden gutter brackets that are mounted with screws for a more secure attachment that holds up well over time. Nails often fail to hold the weight of gutters filled with rainwater, making them sag and pull away from the structure. When gutters sag, they hold water; instead of guiding the water to a downspout, the water leaks over the edge of saggy gutters, and they fail.”

The hidden gutter bracket that Freeland Painting uses to secure gutters to your house helps your home’s curb appeal. The bracket is attached to the home’s wood trim from the inside of the gutter. These high-quality brackets connect the gutter’s outer lip for a secure attachment that protects the profile and shape of the gutter long-term.

“We install hidden gutter brackets every 24 inches—instead of 36 inches on a traditional seamed gutter—to hold your gutters securely and prevent sagging and leaking.”

In addition, Freeland Painting can add custom guards to the top of your gutters, which prevent debris from getting caught in them. With this feature, you’ll avoid climbing a ladder to clean out clogged gutters every Fall!

Quite simply, Freeland Painting offers a better gutter.

When you’re ready to replace your sagging, leaking, rusty, clogged gutters, give us a call at 678-679-3126 or email We’ll set up a convenient time for our experts to provide you with a free estimate for creating and installing seamless, custom gutters to protect and beautify your home.

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