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Do I Have to Prime a Surface Before Applying A Fresh Coat of Paint?

One of the most common questions that many homeowners have when they’re thinking about tackling an interior painting project is whether or not they need to use a coat of Primer before applying the finish paint.

Depending on the surface that you’re planning on painting, priming the surface isn’t always necessary. However, applying a coat of Primer first always helps assure that the more expensive top coats apply smoothly and adhere evenly for improved and longer-lasting results.

Painting New Drywall

When working with new drywall, using a high-quality primer first is a wise idea. A coat of high-quality primer reduces the likelihood that you’ll need to use two or more layers of surface paint to cover the surface with a perfect surface coat adequately.

Repaired Or Patched Drywall

If you’re working with fixed or patched drywall, you’ll need to pay particular attention to the areas with spackle or joint compounds on them. If these are small repairs, a separate primer isn’t required. All you need to do is apply a light coat of the finishing paint and allow it to dry to spot prime the drywall. Once the spot primed areas dry, you can paint over them without these spots showing.

Lightening Up Dark Walls

If you’re looking to lighten up the color of your existing wall covering, the most efficient way to do this is by using a Primer that offers a high amount of “hide” qualities helps subdue the pigments in the existing paint job, so a lighter color isn’t tainted. If applying a darker shade on a lighter pigment, the lighter color should have no adverse effect on the appearance of the finished surface of a darker shade of paint.

Tinted Primers Prep The Surface

One trick that professional painters rely on to assure a great looking finished surface is using a tinted primer to start. The use of tinted primers is an inexpensive way to achieve the intended finishing color before using a more expensive top coat to cover the area.

Covering Stains and Minimizing Odor

Stains and odors are other areas where primer comes in handy to cover these imperfections. Stains, spots, and odors caused by grease, crayons, and smoking, when not correctly treated before painting don’t get magically erased from the surface. Using a specialized Primer that’s designed to kill odors and stains helps assure that old odors and imperfections don’t show through when re-covered.

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