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Tips For Selecting The Best Stain For Your Deck

There’s no doubt that a deck is an excellent addition to any home or commercial property. To keep your deck looking its best, choosing the right deck stain is critical to protecting it from the elements.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Stain For Your Outdoor Deck

The biggest factor to consider when choosing a stain is the material it’s constructed using. Treated wood remains one of the top picks for decking, as it is affordable, widely available, and easy to customize for decks of all shapes and sizes.

One thing to keep in mind is that Treated Wood has a green tint, so applying sealants and stains helps protect the wood while tinting it to a prettier natural shade.

A Semi-Transparent Stain allows the natural grain of treated wood to show through, whereas a solid color stain completely covers the wood grain, giving off more of a painted appearance.

Choosing a stain that uses an oil-base helps assure the stain, regardless of the kind you pick, penetrates deeply into the wood surface. The deeper the stain saturates the wood, the higher level of protection the treated area will benefit from the stain, no matter whether it is semi-transparent or a solid color.

If you’re working on an older deck with weathered wood, an opaque or solid stain helps to cover blemishes most proficiently. Two things to remember when picking an opaque or solid stain is that it may show weathering and wear faster than a Semi-Transparent stain, so it may have to have another protective stain applied one or two years later. Solid and Opaque Stains often do not allow the grain of the natural wood to show through.

A Semi-Transparent Wood Stain treatment typically lasts much longer and permits the natural grain of the wood to display through the lacquer.

It’s also worth noting that darker stain colors tend to absorb more heat than their lighter counterparts. If you, your family, or your guests enjoy walking barefoot, darker stains could make your deck more uncomfortable to stand on without shoes.

Another aspect that’s important when choosing the stain that’s right for your property is the exterior of your home. WoodScapes Exterior Polyurethane Semi-Transparent House Stains are available in a range of colors including Redwood, Hawthorne, White Birch, Mountain Ash, Moss Olive, Foliage, and many other shades.

WoodScapes Exterior Acrylic Solid Color House Stains come in hues including Driftwood, Ember, Russet Brown, Desert Wood, Greenbriar, Palmetto, Spicewood, Juniper Blue, and others.

With all of these Stain options available, homeowners should have no trouble finding a hue that complements or contrasts with the exterior of their home harmoniously.

If the time has come for you to apply a fresh stain to an existing deck or you’re thinking about adding a new wooden deck to your residence in the Suwannee, Georgia area, Freeland Painting would love to help you with your project!

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