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Energy Bill Too High? Your Caulking Could Be To Blame!

Have you noticed that your energy bill has increased dramatically over the last few months? If so, there might be a very simple culprit behind this problem – the caulking around your windows.

Caulking is a gel-like substance used in windows (and other areas of the home) to provide an airtight seal that prevents indoor treated air from escaping outside and stops outdoor air from being able to penetrate the interior of your home.

Properly sealed windows help keep your home comfortable and draft-free all seasons of the year. Even the smallest hole can result in significant energy losses. If several of your old window systems have worn or degraded caulking, the chances are good that you’re throwing your hard earned money (and indoor treated air) right out the window!

Choosing the Right Caulk For Your Project

These days, homeowners have a broad range of caulks available to tackle nearly any type of sealant project you may have, so it’s important to get the correct kind of caulk to seal windows.

Acrylic Latex Silicone Blend Caulk is a modern caulk choice for many common household sealant projects. Acrylic Latex Silicone Blend Caulk is a hybrid sealant that – like its name – is made of acrylic, latex, and silicone caulks. It’s durable and easy to apply. Depending on the type, this type of caulk can get painted to match the rest of your decor. Further, it’s fit for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, making it ideal for sealing Windows, Doors, as well as cracks in stone or brick interiors or exteriors.

Latex caulk is another option for homeowners. One of the reasons to love Latex Caulk is because when used in optimal conditions, it can last for up to two decades. Latex caulk is ideally suited for indoor use because it can get painted over. Extreme weather conditions and temperatures can change the effectiveness of this sealant, so while it can get used for making some minor repairs around the home, it isn’t always the best product for outdoor sealant projects.

To make sure that the caulk you’re considering is fit for your purpose, always read the label or packaging. The wrong caulk will never do the right job! Prevent messy mistakes and prolonged projects by skipping the wrong kind of caulk. It goes without saying that kitchen and bath caulk is not the right product for a window sealing project!

Get Professional Help With Your Window Caulking Project

If the time has come for you to have a professional evaluate the caulking around your windows to determine how much lost energy, you’re paying for on a monthly basis, the experts at Freeland Painting in Suwannee are happy to help! Our experienced team of professionals knows how to test and identify problem areas around your windows and other regions of your home that allow indoor treated air to escape and untreated outdoor air to leak in. Give us a call at 678-679-3126 to speak with a representative today!

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