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Jim Pollock: Testimonial

We want to thank Jim Pollock: Business Owner/Homeowner for his kind words. We are honored because we know “Relationships Matter more than the Brush or the Ladder.”

Jim: I became associated with Freeland Painting through meeting Doug. We got to know each other pretty well and I understood that he had a very professional organization. When it came time to do my house, I was obviously excited to see what he could do with the work here. My house had been basically neglected for, I say that, but for a few years because I didn’t take care of the woodwork on the outside. When he showed up to my project, he himself was here, he produced the estimate, he met with his men to get the job done, they took care of it. I needed to have someone assist me in selecting the colors and picking out certain colors. I thought it looked great and so we tested it, and you know that’s all I needed. It looked great and so then we went forward. I got to meet and work with the crew. I felt extremely comfortable leaving the house. The painters were in and out walking around, doing stuff. And I didn’t have any problems with that. And he’s got really good people working with him. It was a professional organization getting the exterior of my home taken care of, then just a painter showing up with a paintbrush. I would recommend Doug and Freeland Painting to my neighbors and my friends because I feel confident that he is going to take care of getting whatever needs to be done, done.

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