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The Secret To A Perfect Interior Paint Job

When it comes to applying the perfect coat of paint on top of a surface that already has paint, many factors have to get considered. It isn’t always as easy as just grabbing your paintbrush and a can of paint.

One of the most important rules to follow for a perfect painting project is the knowing the type of base coat your surface uses. Paints, oil (or alkyd) paint can get applied on top of latex (or water-based) paint.  However, this never works out in reverse order.

If you make a mistake and cover a surface that has an oil-based base with latex paint, you’ll know it right away as the fresh paint, even when dry, will peel off in sheets. Even a mere fingernail scratch is enough to cause significant blemishes.

While it seems counter-intuitive, Latex Paint can safely get applied on top of oil based primers. Oil based primer can then get used to seal a previously painted oil based surface, allowing a layer of latex paint to get applied on top. Latex primers can’t be used on top of oil based paints, though. This type of primer and paint application is very specific and has to get done correctly or else peeling can occur. Once sealed, you can apply the latex paint on the surface.


Hybrid Paints Offer A Viable Solution

Due to new EPA regulations on oil based paints that have put restrictions on selling oil-based products to retail markets, many paint manufacturers have developed hybrid paints that dry to an enamel coat that are easily cleaned using water. Freeland Painting relies on Pro Classic Waterborne Alkyd paint by Sherwin Williams to cover areas such as trim, which benefit from using a higher gloss sheen. This new hybrid paint is compatible with both latex and previously painted oil-based surfaces. Using this type of hybrid paint eliminated the need to prime the area first, reducing the cost and time it takes to paint over surfaces with an oil-based pigment previously applied.

Freeland Painting has used this Sherwin-Williams Paint Product exclusively on all interior paint jobs since 2014 to assure a uniform application.


How To Determine What Type Of Base Paint Is Used

Before starting any painting project, the first thing to do is test the surface. By doing so, you’ll avoid a lot of headaches later knowing if you’re working with a latex or oil based paint.

Using a clean towel or rag, wipe a small amount of lacquer thinner onto the painted surface to test. If the surface has an oil-based paint applied, the cloth remains clean and doesn’t remove any of the material. If the surface is painted with latex (water-based) paint, the towel will discolor,  turning gray or black as the lacquer thinner begins removing the top layer of the paint. For accuracy, always be sure to clean the area you’re testing first, so you don’t confuse dirt with paint on the cloth.

We hope that you found this article helpful. If you live in the Suwannee, GA area and would like professional help with your next interior painting project, give us a call at 678.679.3126 to speak with one of our Painting professionals today!

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