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5 Benefits of High-Performance Seamless Gutters

Atlanta’s thunderstorm season is fierce! When rain comes pouring down out of the North Georgia skies, are your gutters up to the task of guiding all of that water gently off your roof and away from your foundation?

If they’re not, it’s time to consider your options. At Freeland Painting, we install high-quality custom, seamless gutters for your home to help keep it structurally sound despite deluges from intense Georgia storms.

However, many residents don’t know about the benefits of seamless gutters. This is especially true if you’ve never replaced your gutters and are suffering with older sectional gutters that are leaking, sagging, rusting, or drooping.

Seamless gutters are in a higher category than sectional gutters—higher quality, higher longevity, and yes—a slightly higher upfront cost which you will recoup in their longevity and performance advantages.

Unlike their sectional cousins, Freeland Painting’s seamless gutters are manufactured from a single, lengthy, continuous piece of aluminum and are installed intact in one solid piece. In fact, we shape them on-site to meet the architectural angles of your house and its unique roofline.

When it’s time for new gutters and you want the best possible gutter option for your home, seamless gutters are your go-to. Benefits of seamless gutters include a very low incidence of leaks or clogs. They also provide a longer useful life, perform better and even look better than traditional sectioned gutters.

5 benefits you get when you choose seamless gutters

1. No leaking

Because they are made in a single, continuous length of aluminum, seamless gutters won’t leak. They can’t: there are no seams or sections where water can escape! Whereas sectional gutters have multiple seams that can rust or dislodge and cause water to leak, seamless gutters—as the name indicates—have no seams. Seamless gutters offer a leak-free advantage over traditional sectioned gutters.

2. Minimal maintenance

With fewer hot areas where leaves, dirt, and ick can get caught, seamless gutters don’t get clogged with debris as regularly as seamed gutters do. That means fewer trips up the ladder to unclog them. As with any gutter, you’ll need to check them for clogs, but you will be surprised at how much less frequently seamless gutters clog than regular ones do. (And if you have a lot of trees in your yard, we can also install gutter guards.)

3. Custom built and installed

No other home in the neighborhood will have your exact same gutter system when you opt for custom-made seamless gutters. They will fit perfectly to the lines and angles of your home’s roofline and unique geography. Our experienced gutter specialists will design your seamless gutter system specifically for your home and its needs, giving you the best possible defense against rainwater and structural dangers from water flooding your foundation.

4. Long useful life

By eliminating the weak points that other gutters have—namely, the seams and the various screws and mechanisms used to connect the sections—seamless gutters are longer lasting by design. Freeland Painting’s high-quality seamless gutters remain highly functional year after year, much to the delight of our customers.

5. Curb appeal

If you’ve ever seen rusted, leaking, or sagging gutters on a neighborhood home, you know they can be a terribly unattractive feature. And as the linear frame for your roofline, gutters do draw the eye and get their fair share of attention. Freeland Painting’s seamless gutters are made to your home’s specifications, fitting like a glove and looking great. They’ll look like they were designed with your home, and that uniform appearance will boost your curb appeal.

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Whether you need new gutters on your home, HOA community, or business building, Freeland Painting provides free, in-person estimates for new gutter installation. We even offer gutter guard options! We also provide free estimates for our roofing, siding replacement, painting, pressure washing, and other home beautification services.

Call Freeland Painting today at 678.679.3126 to schedule an estimate for new, seamless, high-performance gutters that will protect your home from rainwater washouts during Atlanta’s thunderstorm season this year and for years to come.

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