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5 Surprising Services Freeland Painting Provides

At Freeland Painting, we don’t like to limit the ways we can help you beautify your home, improve its functionality, and boost your curb appeal.

Yes, at heart we’re a local, family-owned painting services provider, offering the highest-quality painting services in the Greater Atlanta area. We paint both the interior and exterior of residential homes, multifamily homes, homeowners’ association homes, in addition to office buildings, commercial spaces, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, and warehouses. Basically, if you have a structure that needs a coat of paint, we’ll paint it!

And yet that’s not all we do. We have extensive experience with multiple building and home improvement services. In addition to painting, there are numerous related services we provide that can improve the look and feel of your home, business, or multifamily community.

Here are 5 services you may be surprised to learn that Freeland Painting provides:

1. Deck and Fence Staining

When you think about it, deck or fence staining and painting are very similar processes. It makes sense that Freeland Painting provides high-quality wood staining services to keep your wooden deck, fence, and other outdoor structures looking great and protected from the Atlanta area’s harsh weather patterns.

Wooden decks require annual maintenance to keep them splinter-free and looking great. Freeland Painting’s deck staining service will protect your deck from the elements.

Our professional deck or fence staining service helps to keep your deck and fence free from mildew, mold, rotted wood, and moisture issues while protecting it from UV damage from the hot Atlanta summer sun.

A fresh coat of stain will give your fence and outdoor deck space an updated feel, transforming your outdoor entertaining space!

2. Gutter Repair and Replacement

Another related home improvement service Freeland Painting provides is gutter repair and gutter replacement. In fact, when you hire us to paint your home’s exterior, we’ll clean your gutters out for free as part of our popular Freeland Finishing Touch program – 6 free services that we provide with each residential exterior painting job.

Your gutters provide a valuable function, helping to keep your home structurally intact. When gutters sag, rust, leak, and clog—your home’s foundation can be at risk. If water pools around a home’s foundation, that foundation is at risk for structural failure. During Atlanta’s epic thunderstorms, gutters protect your home and its structural integrity by guiding water away, protecting both your foundation and landscaping investment.

Without functioning gutters, standing water on the roof can seep into your home’s finishing elements and interior sheetrock, causing mold, rot, and mildew in ceilings and walls.

Good gutter maintenance is a top priority for homeowners. Freeland Painting will either repair your existing gutters or install our high-quality, seamless custom gutter systems that will prevent many of the problems of traditional seamed gutters.

3. Gentle Roof Washing

Have you washed your roof lately? We’re guessing the answer is no.

But what if we told you that washing your home’s roof can extend its functional life? Your roof is a significant monetary investment, so it’s wise to do everything within your power to lengthen its lifespan. Even if you can’t see moss, debris, or algae on your roof, there could already be enough dirt or moss to cause damage.

Moss and algae don’t only make ugly dark streaks on a roof; they can severely damage your roof. Georgia is home to a roof-eating algae: Gloeocapsa Magma. Such algae eat the limestone in roof shingles, which is there to absorb moisture on your roof. When algae feed on your roof’s limestone, it prevents the shingles from thoroughly drying, which can lead to roof leaks that shorten your roof’s lifespan.

To keep your roof in the best possible condition and maximize its functional life, call us about Freeland Painting’s roof cleaning service. We provide a low-pressure, professional washing service with a detergent solution that gently washes away moss and algae and deters future growth. Our low-pressure, gentle roof cleaning service also removes dust, dirt, and debris to leave your roof as clean as new.

4. Carpentry Repairs

Your home is your castle, where you and your family live life to the fullest. Kids, pets, friends, and family celebrations can cause damage and inevitable “wear and tear” that needs repair.

If your puppy chewed the wood windowsill, your son rode his tricycle through the sheetrock, or you have woodpecker damage on your exterior siding, we can help.

Freeland Painting offers both interior and exterior carpentry repair services in conjunction with house painting services. So, when you call us for a free estimate on house painting, and you have a section of HardiePlank siding that needs replacement, we can make that repair before we paint your home.

At Freeland Painting, we are curb appeal experts. Our carpentry repairs will combine with our painting service to transform your house from drab to fab!

5. Siding Repair and Replacement

Whether your home has stucco siding, Hardie siding, or brick siding, when it needs repair, Freeland Painting can help. While today’s modern siding options are durable and low maintenance—see the many benefits of Hardie siding—sometimes you need siding repairs.

Whether it’s the weather or enthusiastic woodland creatures that have damaged your siding, we’ll repair it to make your home look like new again!

Freeland Painting’s Hardie siding repairs or Hardie replacement or stucco siding repairs combined with a fresh coat of exterior paint will make your home the showcase of your dreams.

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