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7 Questions (and Answers!) About Painting Your Ceiling

Things are looking up, Atlanta! And as you’re looking up, if you notice that your ceiling could use a fresh coat of paint, here are seven frequently asked questions we hear at Freeland Painting about best practices for painting your “fifth wall.”

Do I have to paint my ceiling white?

Contrary to the evidence you’ll find in most houses, there’s no rule about painting your ceiling white. The reason people choose white as their ceiling paint color is that the color white reflects light wonderfully well. That fact, paired with ceiling light fixtures, can make a room seem brighter and larger. If your ceiling is low, a fresh coat of white ceiling paint can add the illusion that the ceiling is higher.

What ceiling colors besides white will look good?

Let your personal design taste and creativity run wild! Painting your ceiling the same shade as the walls can create the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it actually is. Especially when paired with crown molding, your same-colored ceiling will seem to rise when you gaze upward.

If your room has expansive ceilings, painting the ceiling a darker hue than the walls will not only make the ceilings seem lower but also add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the room.

Can I get creative with ceiling paint?

Absolutely! The ceiling painting experts at Freeland Painting have created many unique ceilings throughout the Metro Atlanta area. We’ve painted ceilings with bold stripes, unexpected colors, and in shades that complement various elements in the room, including wallpaper and granite countertops.

If you’re feeling creative and want to make a bold statement with paint color, check out these 27 unique painted ceiling ideas from The Spruce!

What’s the best paint finish for ceilings?

In general, a matte or flat finish is the best choice for ceiling paint. It’s very forgiving and helps to hide any imperfections on the ceiling’s surface. Satin, eggshell, or high-gloss paints tend to draw attention to imperfections and aren’t ideal for ceilings. Flat, white ceiling paint has excellent light reflection properties. It will bounce the light nicely around the room, maximizing the feel of your space. And who doesn’t enjoy being in a light, bright room?

Is ceiling paint different from wall paint?

Yes. Ceiling and wall paints are formulated differently. Ceiling paint is a thicker formulation that doesn’t drip as easily as wall paint—which is handy, since you’re working against gravity when rolling paint onto a ceiling.

High-quality ceiling paint (we like Sherwin Williams ProMar Ceiling Paint) is formulated especially for the job of painting overhead with the benefits of good coverage and low splatter. Doublecheck whether your ceiling paint is self-priming (ProMar Ceiling Paint is). If so, you can eliminate the step of painting a primer coat. Your neck will thank you later.

What’s the best type of roller cover for ceiling paint?

Just like choosing the best paint brush for a job, choosing the right roller cover is important. Since ceiling paint is thicker than wall paint, you’ll benefit from the properties a thick, premium roller cover offers. A ½-inch nap cover will help you get as much paint on the ceiling in as little time as possible.

If a lambswool cover is within your budget, you’ll likely be pleased with the results. While more expensive than some other options, lambswool covers clean up nicely after a paint project and can be used again and again if you care for them. The same is true for high-end paint brushes when you clean them properly.

What if I need a professional ceiling painter?

Some jobs aren’t DIY-friendly. If your ceiling is thickly textured or extremely high, you need a professional. Freeland Painting is happy to help! Our professional painting crews have painted some of the tallest and most ornate ceilings in the greater Atlanta area and will be happy to help you paint yours.

Whether you want flat white, Haint Blue, stripes, or painted ceiling beams, the expert painters at Freeland Painting will get the job done right, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

At Freeland Painting, we offer ceiling painting services as part of our residential interior painting services. Call us today to schedule your free, in-person estimate for your ceiling painting service: 678.679.3126.

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